About the Proposal Discussions category

Proposal Discussions is a subcategory focused on sharing, debating, and providing feedback on new proposals related to the Kenshi Engagement Protocol.

Use the Proposal Discussions subcategory to actively participate in the early stages of decision-making within the community. It is designed to provide a platform for members to discuss and refine new proposals before they go to a vote, ensuring that all perspectives are considered and potential issues are addressed.

Topics in the Proposal Discussions subcategory should primarily focus on:

  • Introducing new proposals: Presenting ideas or suggestions related to the Kenshi Engagement Protocol for community discussion and feedback
  • Requesting feedback: Inviting community members to share their opinions, ask questions, and offer suggestions for improvement on proposed ideas
  • Addressing concerns: Discussing potential challenges, drawbacks, or risks associated with proposals and seeking solutions or alternatives
  • Refining proposals: Collaboratively improving proposals based on community feedback and input, ensuring that they are well thought-out and viable before moving to a vote
  • Updates on proposal status: Sharing any changes, updates, or progress related to proposals being discussed in this subcategory