About the Updates & Improvements category

Updates & Improvements is a subcategory for sharing updates on the Kenshi Engagement Protocol and discussing potential modifications, enhancements, or best practices.

Use the KEP Updates & Improvements subcategory to stay informed about the latest developments related to the Kenshi Engagement Protocol and contribute to its continuous improvement. It offers a platform for community members to share their ideas and feedback on how the protocol can be refined, streamlined, or otherwise enhanced to better serve the community’s needs.

Topics in the KEP Updates & Improvements subcategory should primarily focus on:

  • Protocol updates: Announcing and discussing updates, changes, or new features related to the Kenshi Engagement Protocol
  • Improvement suggestions: Sharing ideas, proposals, or feedback on how the Kenshi Engagement Protocol can be modified or enhanced for better functionality, user experience, or community engagement
  • Best practices: Discussing lessons learned, successful strategies, or recommendations for optimizing the use and implementation of the Kenshi Engagement Protocol
  • Addressing challenges: Identifying and resolving issues or obstacles related to the protocol, seeking community input to find effective solutions
  • Community feedback: Encouraging members to share their experiences, opinions, or concerns about the protocol, fostering an open dialogue for continuous improvement