How do you start developing for blockchain?

What are some resources to start learning blockchain development?


For EVM blockchains, you can either go the JS route and use Solidity or the Python route and use Vyper. You can learn all these languages on the “Learn X in Y minutes” website. I also recommend reading their documentation.

For Solidity, you can check out these projects as well:

  • Hardhat is an Ethereum development environment. Useful for bootstrapping projects and testing them.
  • Mocha and Chai for unit testing.
  • Ethers.js and Web3.js can be used to communicate with smart contracts deployed to EVM chains.

For Vyper, you can use the following:

There are plenty of resources and examples available for developing EVM blockchains. For non-EVM blockchains, I recommend checking their respective getting started guides and documentation.


That’s an awesome explanation. Thanks for that.
I’m also starting to get into blockchain development via the JS route.
But a few people have told me to become a web developer first and make a few projects before moving to blockchain development. Either way, I still have a long road ahead of me😅


Interesting as I didn’t know Python was an option! Many of my colleagues code in this. What are your thoughts around using this/Vyper compared to the more Solidity route – are there any particular drawbacks?


Both languages are mature, and a lot of tooling is available. From a developer’s perspective, it mostly depends on the technologies you already use or are familiar with.

For example, if most of the developers in your company use Python, and you’re using frameworks like Django, then it makes sense to go the Vyper way. However, more examples, guides, tutorials, libraries, and developers are available for Solidity.