How to create a VRF oracle using the Kenshi Oracle Network [Guide]

This blog post covers developing a VRF oracle using the Kenshi Oracle Network. It uses Vercel for deployment, JavaScript for the oracle logic, Solidity for the smart contract, and the Kenshi ECVRF libraries for randomness generation.

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Outside of smart contract-based lottery, what are some examples of projects that would need a VRF oracle?

Two of the use cases I can think of are gaming and NFTs. In blockchain games, VRFs can provide randomness for distributing the game resources or assigning random attributes to characters. They can also be used for mystery boxes or treasure chests where a random amount of items or in-game money is transferred to the user.

In NFTs, they can be used to mint NFTs with random characteristics and attributes provably fairly. VRFs can replace any random number generator where it’s needed to prove the fairness of the generated random number.