Kenshi Puzzle #2: Enigmatic

The second Kenshi puzzle, named “Enigmatic,” combines a music file, a song cover, and the metadata attached to the file. This puzzle can be found on the puzzle pages of the Kenshi documentation website.

There are 1 billion Kenshi tokens in this puzzle waiting to be claimed by a winner. So far, no user has been able to claim the reward.

Discussions regarding this puzzle are open on this topic. This post will be updated if any hints are revealed about the puzzle or if any progress is made.

Edit: adding ChatGPT’s comment on this puzzle:

I would rate this puzzle as Highly Difficult. It’s designed for individuals with advanced knowledge and skills in several specialized areas and requires significant critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. The puzzle’s complexity and requirement for multidisciplinary expertise make it challenging for the vast majority of people.


I’ve been working on this puzzle on and off.
Haven’t made much progress though, except for the poem in the music file metadata by Mehdi Akhavan Sales which can be found here:
What I learned from the poem:

  1. We should work together.
  2. If we flip it (it being the music file, the picture, or the method we use to solve them), it’ll still be the same.
  3. We shouldn’t be discouraged and keep flipping?

What did other people find out? Can we really collaborate?

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“The one who shall turn me over will learn my secret” :thinking:


Okay so I’ve been trying at this one a couple days. I found nothing in the image file so I assume the album cover was just a clue to the album “Not of this Earth” and the original song by Joe Satriani.

So I know the song(it has no lyrics) and I’m left with an Iranian poem and the clue, “You need to draw it”

The trick is what is it that we need to draw? The poem? The song?
I tried ‘drawing’ the song as a spectrogram - there was nothing. But I did notice that this song clip is different from the original. More than just being higher pitched or distorted, it seems like it was remade from scratch from notes in a DAW.

Also the files were titled Enigmatic, and the original song was written on the Enigmatic scale. Following this musical line of thinking I used a program to ‘draw’ the notes of the audio clip into sheet music. Well, nothing stands out to me with that. I tried converting the notes from a midi file into hexadecimal because those notes are like: “Ab b1 Ab1…” etc. Unless I just did it wrong, I think there are too many ways to convert the notes into a message so it was inconclusive.

If you were going to give this puzzle a shot I would start from there - because I think the song clip was made deliberately from this puzzle note by note in a DAW.