Poll: Kenshi Token New Chain

Which blockchain should we deploy our token on? This will be our token’s primary chain.

Dear users, we are excited to have you in our growing community! As we prepare to re-launch our token, we’d like your thoughts on which blockchain we should deploy. Your feedback will help us make a well-informed decision that best serves the needs of our users.

The poll is open until March 29.
You can vote here https://kenshi.io/engage

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I go first. I’m siding with Ethereum here. I shared my reasons for this in our Telegram chat a few days ago, but I will copy them here for reference.

  1. Until 2-3 months ago, the total number of daily verified contracts on Ethereum was 20x more than on Arbitrum. Right now, it’s 3.5x bigger. While this shows Arbitrum is trending, more projects are still being built on Ethereum. There is no guarantee Arbitrum will continue to grow like this; Ethereum had a good number of daily verified projects every single day in the past few years.

  2. Despite Arbitrum growing rapidly, Ethereum still has 16x more TVL.

  3. Arbitrum is an EVM chain. It’s always forced to follow any direction EVM takes, a technology invented, developed, maintained, and controlled by Ethereum. In the case of Arbitrum and any other EVM chain, Ethereum is the reference chain. If one day, these chains decide to go rogue and not adopt new EVM changes, then they’ll lose compatibility with Ethereum, and that’ll defeat the purpose of being EVM-compatible in the first place.

  4. Innovation happens mainly on Ethereum. How many DEX do you know that isn’t a fork of UniSwap?

  5. Almost all blockchains out there have an official bridge to Ethereum. You can directly bridge from Ethereum to Fantom, Avalanche, Aurora, Arbitrum, BSC, and others. The same thing is not true about Arbitrum.

  6. Choosing a specific L2 means saying adios to the other L2s. We can go to L1 and let developers choose whatever L2 they want for their activities.


Another vote for Ethereum.
Tried, tested and sure, has its flaws, but you can be sure it’ll still be growing in 5-10yrs or more.
It’s @pouya’s final bullet point above that is most important however


Another vote for Ethereum. Migration to Ethereum L1 opens more doors than it closes, and keeps vital bridges intact. Thanks for the reasoning above @pouya!


I voted for Ethereum, but Arbitrum seems like a good L2 choice to bridge to from Ethereum.
Happy to see the team has decided to relaunch the token on both networks. Super bullish for the future of Kenshi as a company.


I vote for Arbitrum. This is a personal reason as I feel like that the gas fees on Ethereum are very high and even when it is built on Ethereum. When the users of the particular token, want to swap, it would be very hard for them to do so as most times, the money spent as gas fees would be equal or in some other cases bigger than the amount to be sent or swapped

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