Tokenomics Thought Experiment: Decentralised Certificate Authority on TimeLeap Stack (Unchained, Oracles, BaaS)

Alright, lets pretend Pouya and his team of wizards develop a really versatile API for Unchained and it’s now possible to develop with relative ease a decentralised CA that can act as a competitor to services like DigiCert and LetsEncrypt.

You have some great marketing guys on your team, and the CA you’ve developed is on-par with the offerings from traditional competitors. Thanks to Chad, your top salesman, the company is experiencing massive growth and a lot of people are opting to using Kenshi CA for their SSL certificate needs.

“It’s more secure because Blockchain Mr. Boomer Manager Sir. And SSL certs are for SECURITY, you know? Might as well use the best SECURITY known to man!”

“Wow Chad, that sounds amazing! Brad from Engineering told me all our SSL certs are about to expire and need to be renewed. Guess I’ll use Kenshi CA!”

Initially, because you were able to offload a lot of your infrastructure onto Unchained the cost of your service could be sold for higher profit margins than your competitors, while simultaneously being offered for a more competitive price - while your competitors had to take into account significantly higher data centre bills for their hosting needs.

However, that advantage is now in question. See, as your CA business took off - the amount of Indexing and Storage on Unchained increased, not to mention the BaaS you’re paying for in tandem with Kenshi Oracles to, I dunno, provide authentication and verification services for the customers accessing your SSL service offerings.

Those Node operators all need to be paid in KNS in return for providing you with the infrastructure your platform depends on… And you’ve grown so fast onboarding all these customers, that node operators had to expand their operations in order to scale and meet the Indexing and Storage demands…

And because of all this activity, the price of KNS tokens has increased dramatically… And now with a speculative bubble in the mix, the price per token is about to go up even more!

Is it sustainable? How? Why? If the Kenshi CA hypothetical company was reliant on decentralised node operators - Would it scale to meet demand? Or would the network crunch and cause the service to become inferior to DigiCert and LetsEncrypt who use traditional infrastructure?

Thought it was fun to think about.

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