Unchained plugin will replace the current Oracle Network

:rotating_light: Important Announcement :rotating_light:

As part of our commitment to innovation and decentralization, we’re discontinuing our Oracle Network service in favor of Unchained!

This event will take place in a week, on Sunday, May 12, 2024.

Unchained will host our new fully decentralized Oracle Network service in place of the centralized service we’ve had until now.

Unchained is a secure, distributed, and decentralized network designed for creating, indexing, validating, analyzing, and processing data.

The Unchained Network supports smart contract integration and offers developers a robust set of features, including those previously provided by our centralized Oracle Network service.

Important: existing users of the centralized Oracle Network will retain access to the service for an additional year, while new subscriptions will not be possible anymore.

If you have any questions regarding this, please only ask them in this topic or ask an admin in our official Telegram group (Telegram: Contact @KenshiTech), and we will help you in any way possible!

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