About the Feedback & Suggestions category

Share your feedback and suggestions about Kenshi’s products, the community forum, or any aspect of the user experience to help us improve and grow.

Use the “Feedback & Suggestions” category to provide constructive feedback, ideas, and recommendations related to Kenshi’s products, the community forum, or any aspect of the user experience. This category aims to create a space for open and honest communication between community members and the Kenshi team, fostering a collaborative environment that encourages continuous improvement.

Topics in this category should generally contain feedback, suggestions, or ideas for improvement related to Kenshi’s products, the community forum, or the user experience, such as:

  • Constructive criticism, suggestions, or ideas to improve the features, functionality, or usability of Kenshi’s products
  • Feedback on the community forum’s structure, organization, or management and recommendations for enhancements or changes
  • Ideas for new categories, topics, or resources that could benefit the community and foster greater engagement
  • Suggestions for improving the user experience, including website design, documentation, or support resources
  • Recommendations for new features, integrations, or enhancements to Kenshi’s products based on user needs or industry trends
  • Observations or insights on areas where Kenshi’s products or the community can grow, innovate or expand

The “Feedback & Suggestions” category should maintain a respectful and supportive atmosphere, emphasizing constructive feedback and collaborative problem-solving to help the Kenshi team and the community continuously improve and evolve.