About the General Tech Talk category

Discuss general technology topics, trends, and innovations outside blockchain development, and explore their potential impact on the industry.

Use the “General Tech Talk” category to engage in conversations about technology-related subjects not explicitly focused on blockchain development. This category aims to create a space where community members can learn about and discuss emerging technologies, trends, and ideas and consider their possible implications for the blockchain ecosystem.

Topics in this category should generally contain discussions, questions, or resources related to technology trends and innovations beyond blockchain development, such as:

  • Emerging technologies, platforms, or tools with potential relevance to the blockchain industry
  • Discussions on the intersection of blockchain with other technologies, like artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT, or quantum computing
  • Trends in software development, programming languages, or frameworks that may impact blockchain development practices
  • Updates, news, or announcements related to popular technology companies, products, or services
  • Insights or opinions on the future of technology and its potential influence on blockchain development
  • Reviews, comparisons, or evaluations of non-blockchain tools, platforms, or services that may be useful for developers
  • Networking events, conferences, or meetups focused on technology topics and trends outside the blockchain sphere
  • Discussions on the ethical, social, or environmental implications of emerging technologies and their potential impact on the blockchain industry
  • Collaborative research, partnerships, or projects combining blockchain with other technology domains