About the Introduce Yourself category

Introduce yourself to the community, share your background, interests, and experience in blockchain development, and connect with fellow members.

Use the “Introduce Yourself” category to share a bit about themselves, their background, and their experience with blockchain development. This category aims to create a welcoming space for community members to get to know each other, foster connections, and build a robust and supportive network of like-minded individuals.

Topics in this category should generally contain personal introductions and information about members’ backgrounds, interests, or experiences related to blockchain development or Kenshi’s products, such as:

  • A brief introduction to who you are, your professional or personal background, and your experience or interests in blockchain development
  • Your motivation for joining the community, what you hope to learn or contribute, and any specific areas of expertise or interest
  • Any projects, experiences, or accomplishments in blockchain development or related fields that you’d like to share with the community
  • Your preferred blockchain platforms, tools, or technologies, and any insights or perspectives you can offer based on your experience
  • Any hobbies, interests, or personal details you’d like to share to help other community members get to know you better

The “Introduce Yourself” category should maintain a friendly and inclusive atmosphere, encouraging community members to be open and welcoming and to engage in positive and respectful interactions with one another.