About the KEP Discussions category

KEP Discussions is a dedicated space for conversations related to the Kenshi Engagement Protocol, where community members can discuss proposals, voting, and improvements.

Use the KEP Discussions category to engage in meaningful conversations about the Kenshi Engagement Protocol. It’s a place for community members to voice their opinions, share ideas, discuss proposals, participate in voting, and contribute to the continuous improvement of the protocol.

Topics in the KEP Discussions category should generally revolve around the Kenshi Engagement Protocol, including but not limited to:

  • Proposal discussions: Sharing, debating, and providing feedback on new proposals before they go to a vote
  • Voting & results: Discussing ongoing polls, voting procedures, and outcomes of completed votes
  • Protocol updates & improvements: Sharing updates on the Kenshi Engagement Protocol and suggesting potential modifications or enhancements
  • Governance insights: Sharing insights, best practices, and lessons learned related to community governance and decision-making
  • General questions and clarifications: Addressing any queries or concerns related to the Kenshi Engagement Protocol and its implementation
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Please can a poll’s end-date be added to below the voting poll on the engage page?
I’d be keen to see timeframes! Thanks team