About the Oracle Network category

Discuss Kenshi’s Oracle Network, a solution designed to help developers create custom oracles easily and explore its features, use cases, and development resources.

Use the “Oracle Network” category to talk specifically about Kenshi’s Oracle Network product. This category aims to create a space where community members can learn about, discuss, and provide feedback on the Oracle Network, helping developers and the Kenshi team improve and refine this offering.

Topics in this category should generally contain discussions, questions, or resources related to the Oracle Network, such as:

  • Features, use cases, and real-world examples of projects utilizing the Oracle Network for custom oracle creation
  • Development resources, guides, and tutorials for using the Oracle Network effectively
  • Tips, best practices, and troubleshooting advice for working with the Oracle Network
  • Updates, news, or announcements related to product enhancements, new features, or releases specific to the Oracle Network
  • Comparisons, evaluations, or reviews of the Oracle Network from a developer’s perspective
  • Feedback, suggestions, or feature requests for the Kenshi team to improve the Oracle Network offering
  • Discussions on the integration of the Oracle Network with various blockchain platforms or development environments
  • Networking events, webinars, or meetups focused on the Oracle Network and its applications

The “Oracle Network” category should foster a collaborative and supportive environment, encouraging knowledge sharing and constructive feedback to help developers and the Kenshi team grow and innovate.