About the Project Showcase category

Present your blockchain projects, receive feedback, and discover inspiring work from other developers and enthusiasts.

Use the “Project Showcase” category to share their blockchain projects and explore projects created by other community members. This category aims to foster a collaborative environment where developers can showcase their work, receive constructive feedback, and get inspired by their peers’ innovative ideas and accomplishments.

Topics in this category should generally contain project showcases, demonstrations, or discussions related to blockchain projects, such as:

  • Descriptions, demos, or walkthroughs of blockchain projects, including smart contracts, dApps, and tools
  • Open-source projects, repositories, and contributions that can benefit the community
  • Projects seeking feedback, testing, or code review from the community
  • Innovative ideas, use cases, or proof-of-concept demonstrations for blockchain applications
  • Success stories, case studies, and post-mortems of completed projects
  • Opportunities for collaboration, partnerships, or funding in blockchain projects
  • Hackathon submissions, competition entries, and award-winning projects
  • Discussions on the impact, challenges, and future potential of showcased projects
  • Learning experiences, tips, and advice from developers who have completed projects in the blockchain space