About the Voting & Results category

Voting & Results is a subcategory dedicated to discussing ongoing polls, voting procedures, and outcomes of completed votes related to the Kenshi Engagement Protocol.

Use the Voting & Results subcategory to stay informed about ongoing polls and voting procedures, participate in the voting process, and discuss the outcomes of completed votes. It serves as a centralized space for all voting-related matters, fostering transparency and active engagement in the decision-making process.

Topics in the Voting & Results subcategory should primarily focus on:

  • Announcing polls: Informing community members about new polls and the voting procedures, including start and end dates, voting methods, and eligibility criteria
  • Voting reminders: Reminding community members to participate in ongoing polls and providing any necessary information or assistance to ensure smooth voting
  • Polling updates: Sharing updates or changes to ongoing polls, such as extending voting deadlines or addressing technical issues
  • Voting discussions: Encouraging community members to discuss their thoughts, opinions, or rationale behind their votes, fostering open dialogue and understanding
  • Results announcements: Presenting the outcomes of completed votes, including vote counts, percentages, and any subsequent actions or decisions based on the results