Are you ready for Altcoin season?

Hey guys!

There’s some interesting chatter going around the crypto world right now. “thescalpingpro”, a well-known crypto analyst on X, has predicted a major upward trend for the altcoin market. With the current market cap sitting at $509 billion, he suggests it could skyrocket to a massive $750 billion!

This optimism isn’t isolated. Other analysts, such as “Moustache”, are also hinting at a sustained upward trend for altcoins. In fact, while Bitcoin’s price has been slowing down, altcoins like Solana and BNB have been making significant gains.

This shift in momentum is definitely worth keeping an eye on. Could this be the start of altcoins taking center stage in the crypto world? What do you guys think? Let’s get the conversation going!


I think altseason is here and is only going to get bigger as btc makes advancements leading up to the halving. The shitcoin casino is thriving and influencers and the ct community seem to be abuzz, me included. Any altcoins youre looking out for?