Binance lists Jupiter token but inattentive speculators buy the wrong token which rises 80%

A fact that happens routinely to many unsuspecting people, or inexperienced users, as the old saying goes? It would be comical if it weren’t tragic, a shame but unfortunately the crypto world is still like this and it will take time to change, many people tend to lose part of their wealth through simple carelessness and end up buying a lot of fraud in the form of cryptocurrency.

Today, January 31st, Binance would list the Jupiter token from the Solana network, aware of the fact, speculators began to buy tokens with the same name on other random networks, which in some cases increased the screen value by more than 80% and registered a volume 360% higher, here’s my warning to everyone who likes to surf the news and likes to speculate in a degenerate way: be careful, sooner or later you could fall into a real trap (laughs) the full article in the link below: