Fideum - Seamless Blockchain Integration for Modern Banking Dynamics

Fideum a neobanking project recently rebranded from “Blockbank” has made waves in the FinTech sector by winning Mastercard’s Lighthouse FINITIV Partnership Program securing engagement from institutional players in payment processing and further connections in the fintech sector.

They have launched their flagship B2B2C product which features a ‘swiss army knife’ exchange that can process both DeFi and CeFi transactions & utilities.

They have been building their infrastructure based on the upcoming MiCA regulations that will be coming into effect within the European Union in the next two years. With the rebranding taking place in Q4 2023 - Q1 2024 they also launched their physical/virtual HODL cards.

Seamless Spending with HODL Virtual Cards: Fideum’s HODL Virtual Cards are crafted to make your online transactions as smooth and secure as possible. Now, using your crypto for daily purchases is as easy as a single swipe. Whether you’re treating yourself to a Netflix marathon, securing tickets to the hottest concert, or planning your next vacation, Fideum’s HODL Card brings your digital assets into the real world, rewarding you with cashback on each transaction.

Fideum’s HODL Cards come in multiple tiers to suit your unique spending habits and lifestyle. Here’s what you can expect from each tier:

  • Tier 1: Perfect for casual users, enjoy 1% cashback with no staking required.
  • Tier 2: Step up your game with 2% cashback, 20% discount on fees, and higher transaction limits for a minimal stake.
  • Tier 3: For the more ambitious, enjoy 4% cashback, 50% discount on fees, and increased limits to maximize your rewards.
  • Tier 4: Experience the pinnacle of luxury and efficiency with 8% cashback, 80% discount on fees, and the highest transaction limits for the serious crypto enthusiast.
  • Easy Top-Up Options: Top up Fideum’s HODL Card with ease. Convert your crypto to fiat or add funds directly, all within the Fideum app. It’s your spending, your way.

Physical HODL Cards: The Tangibility of Crypto: For those who prefer the physical aspect, Fideum’s Physical HODL Cards are now open for order. Carry the flexibility of digital assets with the reliability of a physical card, using it wherever life takes you.

Staking via the App is also available with multiple reward tiers

The company has accumulated multiple partnerships with other well-established blockchain based companies and projects while seeking out more institutional investors by attending networking events and fintech startup conferences to further the company’s mission.

The company is spearheaded by very talented individuals that have amassed decades in the crypto and financial industry the two cofounders include:

CEO & Co-Founder Anastasija Plotnikova that has experience in the legal framework of Europe’s largest regulatory bodies and multiple years under her belt being involved in cross-collaboration with national authorities across the European Union, and if that wasn’t enough, Anastasija was part of the business development of Aave yet another major player in the DeFi/Blockchain space.

Co-Founder Darren Franceschini that has been actively involved in the cryptocurrency industry since 2011, initially through mining and trading. By 2014, he successfully created, marketed, and managed his own crypto project. Over the years, he has worked with or invested in more than 100 projects and startups, exchanges specializing in market strategy, branding, and technical applications. His expertise extends to consulting for major crypto exchanges, bitcoin ATM companies, and other large-scale projects, assisting with distribution and monetization models.

His experience has taken him around the world, where he has had the privilege of speaking at prominent blockchain conferences, sharing his extensive knowledge and experiences in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. He has been recognized by respected media outlets, including Bloomberg, who have sought his insights and expertise. Additionally, he holds copyrights and trademarks for cryptocurrency and blockchain-related terms in Canada.

For more information regarding Fideum and the team can be found in the official links below:

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