Kenshi Puzzle #1 [Solved]

There is a private key hidden in the image below. Find it, and the prize is yours. This wallet has 2 billion Kenshi tokens and enough gas to withdraw them. The wallet is excluded from fines.

This puzzle can be found on the puzzle page of the Kenshi documentation website.

There were 2 billion Kenshi tokens in the puzzle claimed by “Zert,” who announced their victory on the Kenshi Telegram group.

Kenshi puzzle #1 was solved by “Zert.” To solve the puzzle, users had to go through the following steps:

  1. Get the hex value of the colors on the puzzle and convert it to UTF8 to get a sequence of emojis and a letter: :metal::factory::hourglass_flowing_sand:R
  2. Decode the emojis to “Rock,” “Industrial,” and “Time,” and find the “Zeit” album by “Rammstein.”
  3. Decode the numbers on the puzzle, where the first half of the number is a timestamp, and the second half is the length of a specific song in the Zeit album.
  4. Put the lyrics from each timestamp together, turn them into hex, and use them as a private key to claim their reward.

ChatGPT: I would estimate this puzzle as moderate to great difficulty based on the solution. The steps involved require users to know about domains such as hexadecimal conversions, emoji decoding, music knowledge, and cryptography. The puzzle also demands attention to detail and the ability to connect seemingly unrelated elements. The combination of these factors makes this puzzle challenging for most people.


About the hex color codes to emoji translation, could you elaborate on how the values f09f8f, adf09f, a498e2 and 8fb352 would translate to the mentioned emojis?

I’m trying to understand the steps better, eg, the :metal: emoji is F0 9F A4 98 in hex values

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Try pasting F0 9F A4 98 here:

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“F0 9F A4 98” works to get the emoji, but the color value “F0 9F 8F”, which is what you get from the image, does not…

For reference:

Maybe there’s some translation between 3 byte sequences and 4 byte ones

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You need all the hexes of all the colors to be strung together for the conversion to be successful.

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