Satoshi vm, bridge that connects eth to btc

gem or fraud ?
Does anyone here already know the satochivm project?

I would like to have more opinions about this and discuss it a little as I am intending to invest in this project.

I’m not really an expert in the crypto world, I’m just a mere user, but the project has an idea that so far seems to me to be the most successful and simple to use, an evm system that charges gas in native btc, the project is still in testnet, but alpha network is about to come out

I highly suggest that you test the project, the bridge, at least on testnet, works very well and the promised rates are very low, and this in native BTC.

the project has gained traction and caught the attention of developers
After all, the l2 narrative in BTC is the wave of the moment, and of course this is in no way an investment recommendation, but I think it’s worth taking a look at the project as I believe we are facing a potential gem.

vou deixar aqui o link para o site oficial do progeto :

They launched their token a few days ago and it exploded in value, attracting the attention of many people, including my own attention as well.

it was an overwhelming launch, where its token went from just a few cents to 15 dollars at its peak, the fud was inevitable and the team ended up getting involved in a controversy that dropped the value of the token to 4 dollars, anyway, I won’t delve into that but the The fact is that the fud was inevitable, but for me it was nothing that would shake the foundations of the project,

In their Whitepaper they clarify in a few paragraphs practically everything you need to understand about the project and this is fantastic because when using it I can see in fact that all the features actually work.
Here is the Whitepaper:

SatoshiVM: Advancing On-Chain Verification for Bitcoin and Enhancing Layer-2 Implementation
Welcome to the repository for SatoshiVM YellowPaper – a groundbreaking blockchain designed to elevate the verification capabilities of arbitrary functions on Bitcoin, with a specific focus on enhancing Layer-2 (L2) block verification.

This paper introduces an innovative approach to validate the precise execution of arbitrary functions on Bitcoin, aiming to fortify Layer-2 block verification. SatoshiVM is meticulously crafted to ensure the accurate execution of L2 blocks on Bitcoin, all while seamlessly integrating with the existing infrastructure and without requiring modifications to the underlying Bitcoin protocol.

Key Features
Secure Settlement Layer: SatoshiVM positions Bitcoin as a secure settlement layer for L2 transactions, reinforcing the security of Bitcoin L2 transactions.

Taproot Integration: Leveraging the features of Taproot, SatoshiVM enables the representation of complex function executions through a single hash.

Off-Chain Zero-Knowledge Proof: Conducting the entire zero-knowledge proof process off-chain for each block enhances the efficiency and integrity of the verification process.

Data Availability Verification: During block validation, the L2 block miner transmits block data and proof data hash to Bitcoin, facilitating third-party verification through a specific Data Availability layer.

Sequencer Transaction Reordering Prevention: The integration of SVMZK within SatoshiVM prevents transaction reordering by the sequencer, bolstering the robustness of the blockchain.

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