Building a Meme Token: MeteorMutt (MMUT)

This is just something I started working on for fun here and there on the side in my spare time (I’m fairly time-poor though). It’s no where near as interesting, useful, or High-IQ as Kenshi (KNS), but it’s been fun learning how to build and deploy smart contracts. Still a very immature project and I might never release until I understand the legalities around the financial repercussions for building and launching a memecoin (Australian Legal and Financial Implications)…

If I do end up getting further with this, I’ll post it here. I’ve also whipped together a website for it which you can view here:

Have done some basic smart contract deployments to Goerli testnet, and run some basic tests. The thought of actually deploying to mainnet eventually is surprusingly nerve-wrecking, because I’m worried about flaws in the contract that could lead to things like a vulnerability or an exploit. As well as for example things like wanting to make future changes but being unable to because my contract was too locked down and not modular enough.

Compared to Kenshi (KNS) this is just a kid fumbling around trying to build a little tower with toy blocks, it’s really given me a lot more respect and appreciation for what the Kenshi team is building. You guys are next level, seriously. Wish I understood 1/100th of what you do about developing a blockchain project.

Anyway, there’s my “showcase”. A shitty website, and some ramblings about my pleb-tier forays into smart contract development.

PS: My IoT kit has arrived, I just need to pick it up from the post office. Excited to try get that communicating with the KNS chain.


You seem pretty knowledgeable to me man. Glad to see you’re working on something you like.
Keep us posted!

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Pretty interesting! Did you generate the AI pic yourself or did you find it on the internet?


I’m going to share this post, you deserve it. I also dream of starting to program but until today I’ve never had time left, family work etc. won’t let me proceed but eventually, go ahead friend, your project will bear fruit.

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