Is MEXC the next FTX?

Hey guys, have you caught wind of what’s going on with MEXC? :neutral_face:

Apparently, they’re allegedly locking users out of their accounts and pocketing their funds. They’re blaming it on “abnormal trading activities,” but they’re not really giving any clear answers, which is raising a lot of eyebrows.

The whole thing kicked off on December 16th when a trader named Vida took to social media platform X to air his grievances. He claimed MEXC locked him out of his account, froze his $92,000 trading profit, and wiped his order history clean. And the kicker? He’s got screenshots to back it all up.

But looks like Vida isn’t the only one. There are a bunch of other users on MEXC’s Telegram group who are saying the same thing. Vida even suggested that MEXC might be up to some shady stuff, like faking its liquidity and market making. He reckons that the exchange is betting against users’ trades and locking out anyone who starts to make too much dough.

And the most important thing is that MEXC hasn’t said a peep about any of this on social media. According to their terms of service, they can take measures to recover any profits if they think there’s been a violation of their user agreement and privacy policy. Vida’s advice? Get out of there ASAP. He’s warning that MEXC might be heading the same way as FTX.

What do you think?