What da s.e.c. is that? why btc --etf not approved?

Gary Gensler reports SEC X account ‘compromised’ — No spot Bitcoin ETF approval yet

Here are some headlines from significant night:

.Minutes ago, the US SEC twitter account was hacked and announced approval of the spot Bitcoin ETF!

.Gary knows it. A Spot #Bitcoin ETF is inevitable!

.JUST IN: #Bitcoin flash crashes moments after SEC’s X account has hacked and announces they have approved the Spot Bitcoin ETF.

.But crypto is the problem?

The @SECGov account just happened to get hacked and the hacker posts an approved #BitcoinETFs announcement, on the day it was expected.

Can’t make this shit up. Will the SECGov and GaryGensler answer to market manipulation?

What is their purpose ? Why they keep manipulating the market? Does someone getting rich in seconds?

After all, why ETHBTC is doing:


Is it possible to say a new star born from it’s ashes?

Please comment down below your thoughts, stoke up!


gary just pndd bitcoin. i think bitcoin kinda loses its meaning when it got ETF approval. Bitcoin was initally made for transactions between people. Leaving the banks and the dollar out of the deal.