🐙Subsquid Network (SQD): a peer-to-peer data lake for Web3 data

Subsquid Network :man_mage:

The blockchain technology , initally designed solely for peer-to-peer transfer (BTC) ; has evolved into general purpose global execution runtime. Anymore ; decentralized applications (dApp) powered by blockchain provide services many area . Such as :

  • Decentralized Finance (DeFi)
  • Decentralized Gaming (GameFi)
  • Decentralized Social Platforms and Applications (SocialFi) etc.

However , they need some different tools and providers for maintaning their services with no mistake. For example ; scalable execution (L2 , Rollups…etc.) , oracle services (Chainlink ,Pyth …etc.) , permanant and long term storage for huge data (Filecoin …etc.) , application-specific databases and API’s (TheGrapsh…etc.).

Subsquid Network provide services about missing part of these stack that data storage and using . Subsquid is a decentralized query engine optimized for batch extraction of large volume of datas. It currently serves historical data ingested from 100+ EVM and Substate Networks , including event logs , transaction receipts , traces and per transaction state diffs.

The Subsquid Network assumes the participation of the following actors:

  • Data Providers
  • Workers
  • Scheduler
  • Logs Collector
  • Rewards manager
  • Data Consumers ; and it ensure data for client with include all these actors in its own system. (If you want to learn more information about system style , click here)

For now , Subsquid Network has already three product ;

  • Squid SDK - a Typescript toolkit for high-performance batch indexing sourcing the data from the Subsquid Network, without accessing an archival RPC.
  • Subsquid Cloud - a hosted service for custom indexers and GraphQL APIs.
  • Subsquid Firehose - a lightweight adapter for running subgraphs against Subsquid Network, without accessing an archival RPC node.

SQD Token (SQD) - using area and utilities

SQD is an ERC20 token that powered by Subsquid Network. Its using area ;

  • Payment : Tokens will be used for services payment
  • Utility/work : Tokens will be staked f or joining network and getting faster service
  • Staking : For earning services fee

Tokenomics and Coinlist SQD Token Sale :

Total supply of SQD is 1.337.000.000 . SQL Community Sale is going to be on Coinlist in Thursday , 19Jan . Price for each token is 0.094$. So , FDV is $125,678,000 . %4 of total supply reserved for sale . (By the way , %1 additonal token (13,370,000 $SQD) may be made avaliavle for purchase during Community Sale) . You must register for sale and you must keep enough value that you promise to get in your coinlist account before 15 Jan .

Here is the token release chart and vesting values and rates for SQD .