The official announcement of Kenshi v3

The official announcement of Kenshi v3

We are excited to announce significant updates to our token as part of our ongoing commitment to enhancing the Kenshi ecosystem. Over the past few months, we have identified areas of improvement and growth that have led to the creation of Kenshi Token v3. The following outlines the fundamental changes and their benefits to our project and community.

Streamlined Token Design
Our updated code base enhances protocol security and facilitates bridging by introducing a simplified, standards-compliant token with no extra features. This change also resolves tax warnings on CoinGecko and red flags from tools like TokenSniffer.

Expanding to New Chains
Following internal discussions and community input, we are launching our new token on Ethereum and Arbitrum, offering a neutral and attractive image as well as granting access to a vibrant developer community.

Updated Token Ticker
In response to community feedback, we have rebranded our ticker from KENSHI to KNS, reflecting a more polished and industry-standard three-letter format.

Reduced Total Supply
By decreasing our total supply to one billion tokens, we aim to increase individual token value and simplify user price comprehension.

Staking Mechanism
Our new token introduces staking to bolster stability and security. The staking program will commence after the new token release and continue for two years.

Kenshi Katana: Utility NFT
This utility NFT offers holders exclusive benefits, including doubled staking rewards, discounted Kenshi services, early access to features, private Kenshi RPC servers, and unique community roles. NFTs will have a 7% royalty fee, with 2% allocated to the original minter. We will provide additional perks as we expand our offerings. There will be a limited supply for this collection, don’t miss out!

Treasury Redistribution
We are reallocating our treasury and reserve accounts to support growth. Tokens will be released gradually to minimize price impact, most probably tied to volume and market activity.

New Token Distribution
To prepare for our staking protocol and upcoming listings and opportunities, we will mint new tokens, locked as follows:

  • 7% Staking Rewards: is distributed to holders for staking, over the course of two years.
  • 4% Partners & Ecosystem: reserved for future CEX/DEX listings and partnerships, paired exclusively with external liquidity to prevent inflation and dilution.
  • 4% Grants, Academy, & Incentives: allocated to promising projects that build on or promote Kenshi, resulting in increased platform usage and proof of value.

You can find a detailed tokenomics breakdown in the accompanying chart.

Final Words

We carefully planned the new v3 tokenomics to make our project successful and future-proof. We are eager to hear your feedback, and feel free to reach out with any questions.

Deep dives on specific parts of the tokenomics will follow in the coming weeks.


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