Examples on how to buy the Kenshi Token

  1. Fiat (€/$) to Crypto (ETH)

•Buying ETH on a centralized exchange.(Binance,Coinbase)


•Buying ETH on a self-custodial Wallet.(MetaMask,TrustWallet)

  1. ETH on the Arbitrum network for Uniswap

°If you bought ETH from a centralized exchange.

•Withdrawing ETH through the Arbitrum network to MetaMask/TrustWallet or any other self-custodial wallet.

°If you bought ETH from a self-custodial wallet.

•Use the Arbitrum bridge on Uniswap.

  1. Swap ETH to KNS

•Buying KNS on Uniswap with ETH on Arbitrum network.

  1. Importing the Kenshi Token on your self-custodial wallet.


Questions are welcome😉


Are you sure you can send ETH to an Arbitrum Eth address? Won’t this send it off chain? If you send it to the wallet address of a metamask wallet it will at least show up on the ETH network of that wallet if you accidentally send the Eth mainnet version.

@SocietyInhabitor Yes im sure look here

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