Unchained Update v.0.12.00 Q&A

In this topic you can discuss v.0.12.00 and ask for help in case you run into errors while updating to it.

Update v0.12.00

This is a protocol breaking update. The configuration file schema is changed in this update.

Remember to backup your secret file before updating to this release.

:new: New Features:

  • The client now generates a random EVM private key in your secret file.
  • All validator votes are now stored regardless of consensus. This data will be used to slash misbehavior.
  • Slashing mechanisms added to the client. They’re not activated yet.
  • A lot of functions for interacting with the PoS contract are added to the client.

:lady_beetle: Bug Fixes & Cleanups:

  • Most core components are refactored.
  • We now use commitizen and gitmoji to better keep track of the changes made to the repos.
  • The GQL module is moved from broker to consumer.

:file_folder: Config file:

  • arbitrum_sepolia chain name is renamed to arbitrumSepolia
  • database key is renamed to postgres
  • log is renamed to system.log
  • name is renamed to system.name:
  log: info
  name: <name>
  • rpc value is now an array of objects:
  - name: ethereum
      - https://ethereum.publicnode.com
      - https://eth.llamarpc.com
      - wss://ethereum.publicnode.com
      - https://eth.rpc.blxrbdn.com

  - name: arbitrum
      - https://arbitrum-one.publicnode.com
      - https://arbitrum.llamarpc.com
      - wss://arbitrum-one.publicnode.com
      - https://arbitrum-one.public.blastapi.io

  - name: arbitrumSepolia
      - https://sepolia-rollup.arbitrum.io/rpc
  • broker.uri is now network.broker-uri
  • broker.bind is now network.bind

:arrow_up_small: To Update:

If running without Docker:

Head to the releases page and fetch the latest release.

If running with Docker:

Download the latest release from GitHub and replace your existing docker files. Run these commands to update:

./unchained.sh worker pull
./unchained.sh worker up -d

:exclamation: Please report any issues you find.

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