Potential Usecases: Imagining stuff that can be built on TimeLeap offering just for fun (Unchained, BaaS, Oracles, etc)


Posted this in the TG, but might be cool to track this stuff in an ongoing thread. Just idle thoughts, musings… It’s fun to think about how Unchained, BaaS, and Kenshi (TimeLeap?) Oracles could be leverage solely or in combination with each other to achieve cool usecases and maybe even improve upon traditional web (And other) services.

Just wondering, since we’ve established that its possible to use Unchained (in theory) to index event logs, and it sounds like it could be used as an Index for a search engine… What are some other useful / cool applications that could be developed?

  • Immutable Logs
  • Search Engine

So… Since in theory something like searx could be forked and make use of TimeLeap suite, does that mean other tradition web services could take advantage of it too?

Like, would an alternative to LetsEncrypt / DigiCert be possible to build as a decentralised service now? Issuing certificates, etc…?

DNS Resolution? Would it be possible to build a decentralized DNS as an alternative to Google/Cloudflare, etc? (,…)

Proxy / Reverse Proxy / Load Balancing? Just been wondering how it could be leveraged to potentially make a lot of traditional services on-par with current solutions, ideally better - and at lower cost. I figure decentralised infrastructure would (in theory…) lower costs compared to trad datacentre hosting…

Mail Server / Instant Messaging … I know IM has been done (I remember a project… Think it was called… Hold on, uhh… Oxen maybe? Achieved this)… Decentralising e-mail would be cool, probably a big win for privacy advocates too… Guessing its been done, but haven’t checked…

Anywho, thank you for considering my idle musings…

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