Unchained Academy

I always thought NEAR Academy was kind of cool. Would be neat if something similar was made catering to TimeLeap/Kenshi/Unchained/BaaS/Etc.

That’s a screenshot from their beginner course. It’s just cool, you know?

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No one replied to my thread :sob:

I put together a sort of demo. It’s a bit shit, and every “page” has the same garbage content spewed out by an LLM. But functionally, it works pretty well.

I’ll probably not touch it again for months, or maybe I will. But feel free to fork it, improve it, do whatever you want with it.

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I understand I am talking to myself at this point.

Anyway, I think I’ll work on this some more soon. I was building this thing ages ago, where it was like a terminal based text adventure game for learning Linux CLI. I think this could be applied conceptually to Kenshi to some extent.

Using this thread to save ideas.

Until next time,

Toolbox, over and out.

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